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  1. How to move your Mac's iTunes Library onto an external drive
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  3. How to Setup an iTunes Library On an External Hard Drive or NAS
  4. Find the iTunes Media folder

Did you know it was possible to move your iTunes library over to an external hard drive? I personally never use iTunes anymore, but I know a lot of people who keep all their music and movies stored on their computer. I personally find it much easier to stream content from iCloud and to use iTunes Match or Apple Music for listening to my music. However, if you use iTunes for managing music not in iTunes or home video files, etc.

How to move your Mac's iTunes Library onto an external drive

Before we do any moving of data, we first have to check to make sure everything is properly stored locally. If the location is different, make a note of it because that is where you will need to go when we have to move the data. You should do this just to make sure everything is stored there before we make the move.

Check the Consolidate files box and click OK. Now that we have completed these two tasks, we can move on to the actual process of moving the library. Go ahead and quit iTunes at this point and connect your external hard drive. Now navigate to the iTunes Music folder on your computer. For Mac users, open Finder and click on Music in the left-hand list of shortcuts.

In Windows, go to the location listed in the Advanced tab, which should be C: Inside, you should see a folder called iTunes. You'll want a lot of room to grow into before you need to replace it.

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Connect your new external hard drive to the computer with your iTunes library on it and backup your iTunes library to the external hard drive. Hold down that key until a window pops up asking you to Choose iTunes Library.

How to store your iTunes library on an external hard drive.

Navigate through your computer to find the external hard drive. On the external hard drive, navigate to the location where you backed up your iTunes library.

How to Setup an iTunes Library On an External Hard Drive or NAS

When you find that folder on a Mac or a file called iTunes library. Assuming you followed all the steps in the backup process most importantly consolidating and organizing your library , you'll be able to use your iTunes library on the external hard drive just like it was on your main hard drive.

At this point, you can delete the iTunes library on your main hard drive , if you want.

However, before you do that, make sure that everything from your iTunes library transferred to your external drive , or that you have a second backup, just in case. While using your iTunes library on an external hard drive can be very convenient in terms of freeing up disk space, it also has some drawbacks. To deal with them, here are some tips you'll want to keep in mind:.

Find the iTunes Media folder

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